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On Day 1, Paro – International Buddhist festival:

There are several national carriers that offer flights into the Paro valley. From your window side, you will be able to enjoy a magnificent view of the snow-capped mountains. An adventure of a lifetime begins with an awe-inspiring descent into the Paro valley. Bhutan’s only international airport is located in Paro, the country’s gateway.
As you enter the land of happiness, you begin your journey. The Bhutanese representative from Lucky Dragon Tours and Treks will greet you after the visa formalities have been completed and your baggage has been collected. Upon arrival in Thimphu, the capital of Bhutan, we will drive you to your hotel. Through an old cantilever bridge, you will cross a crystal clear river on the way to the temple. An enormous Buddha statue of 169 feet will greet you as you enter Thimphu. Observers are never able to get enough of the panoramic view of Thimphu town and hills. You may wish to visit the Takin Zoo if you have more energy for more sightseeing. It has a goat head and a cow body, making it the national animal of Bhutan. During the evening, you can drive to Sangaygang to enjoy the nightly city lights and witness the majestic Thimphu fort (dozing) with floodlights capturing the hearts of many travellers.

 On Day 2, Punkaha – The palace of bliss:

Your journey will begin after breakfast with a drive to Punakha, the old capital of Bhutan. The spectacular scenery of Dochula pass brings you magnificent views of snow-capped mountains. A pass of 3,100 meters above sea level, Dochula lies in the midway point between Thimphu and Punakha. A 360-degree panoramic view of the Himalayan range can be enjoyed from the pass, making it a popular tourist destination. You will visit the famous fertility temple in Punakha, take a stroll among the rice fields, and marvel at the paintings of Phallus that adorn the traditional Bhutanese houses. In the 14th century, the divine madman, who came from Tibet, visited Bhutan. Your guide will tell you many stories about him. During your lunch break, you will have the opportunity to visit the serene and magnificent Sangchhen Dorji Lhuendrup Nunnery located atop a hill overlooking the beautiful Punakha valley as well as Wangduephodrang valley. Bhutan’s fine architecture and tradition can be seen in this architectural structure set amidst lush pine trees. In Punakha Dzong (fort), also known as the Palace of Bliss, you will be accompanied by your guide.
The panorama of the fort can be captured from several fine spots before you reach the fort for your #picoftheday collection before you arrive there.

On Day 3, we traveled to Phobjikha, the valley of black necked cranes:

Phobjikha will be our destination today for a three-hour drive
Punakha is the nearest city. While driving down the valley, you will be able to see many nomadic families and yak herders at work. There are also many bird watching opportunities at this location. Many consider the Gangtey valley to be the Shangri-la of Bhutan, as it is truly magnificent and peaceful. There is no place like Shangri-la in this world, with an incredible view of the valley and beautiful fauna, especially in the springtime. There is a black-necked crane festival in Gangtey which takes place around mid-November, when rare species of black-necked cranes migrate from Tibet to Gangtey. In addition, you may wish to visit The Crane Centre, which exhibits information about cranes and their habitats.

On Day 4, Travel to Paro: 

The Gangtey Nature Trail will be our hiking destination today. As you proceed along the trail, you will see picturesque farmhouses that are dotted throughout the fields and in the valley surrounding the old stupa near Gangtey Temple. Wetland valleys are characterized by mesmerizing landscapes. Upon completion of lunch, we will drive to Paro, which is approximately a five-hour drive past the oldest fort in Bhutan dating back to the 16th century. Upon our arrival in Paro, we can walk around the town and enjoy some good entertainment at some of the popular pubs.

On Day 5, you will visit the enchanting Paro Valley:

Located in a valley filled with sacred sites and ancient buildings, Paro is regarded as one of Bhutan’s most exceptional destinations. A pretty destination in the lower areas of the valley with terraced paddy fields and quaint farmhouses, this city is home to the only international airport in the country. Forests of coniferous trees can be found in the upper reaches
In the morning, you will visit the Ta Dzong (watchtower) which was constructed in 1649 to protect the undefended Dzong and renovated in 1968 to serve as the National Museum. After breakfast in the morning, your guide will take you to visit the beautiful Paro Chhu River. The magnificent Paro Rinpung Dzong (fort), also known as the fortress atop a heap of jewels, can be visited later on in the afternoon. Keanu Reeves starred in the Hollywood movie “Little Buddha” which. Once serving as the meeting hall for the National Assembly, it is now home to the local courts and the monastic body of the district. Several times, this fort has served as a defense against Tibetan invasions. As part of your tour, you will be taken to the Kichu Lhakhang (Temple) as one of the 108 temples that were built within a single day by the Tibetan Emperor Songtsen Gampo in order to subdue the ogress who was hindering the spread of Buddhism.

On Day 6, we hiked Tiger’s Nest – Bhutan’s national symbol:

Taking the hike to Tiger’s Nest is the main event today. Visiting Tigers Nest monastery is an essential part of any trip to Bhutan. Associated with numerous miracles, the monastery is shrouded in mystery and myth. This icon of Bhutan, which is perched at the edge of a cliff at 3120 metres above sea level, has attracted the attention of great saints and Hollywood celebrities alike. You will be awestruck by the beauty and charm of the hike to the temple. This hike to the entrance of the monastery offers glorious views of the Paro valley as well as alluring waterfalls for a perfect pic of the day photo opportunity.



This 7 Days 6 Nights trip will take you into a different world of dragons and kings. The scenic views of jaw dropping Himalayan snowcapped mountains, alluring meadows & Hospitable Bhutanese people will keep you smiling the whole time, which will be quite a beautiful reminiscence after you get back to your homeland. You will be visiting Thimphu – The capital of Bhutan, Mesmerising Paro valley, Punakha- The place of hilarious phallus & Phobijkha – The valley of black necked cranes. Phobjikha will be the best part of your trip with the valley being filled with lush green meadows and floras especially rhododendrons which symbolises beauty, energy & love.

Day 1 Paro – Home to the international

Day 2 : Punkaha – The palace of Bliss

Day 3 : Phobjikha- The valley of Black necked cranes

Day 4 – Drive to Paro

Day 5 : Enchanting Paro Valley

Day 6 : Hiking Tigers Nest – the icon of Bhutan.

Day 7 : Departure

Punakha Dzong a fortress of Bhutan overlooking a river.

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