10 Best Pizza's to tryout in Dubai

Dubai’s the best 10 pizza restaurants

In Dubai, the best pizzas are those whose elements clearly convey their essence. The Chicago-style has an extra pineapple serving in addition to the stuffed body and barbecue base. If you have a particular preference for a particular type of pizza, there is a pizza to suit your taste no matter how naughty the blend might be. Although pizza originated in Italy, it was soon embraced internationally as an untimely craving meal that became a global success. Is there anyone who does not enjoy a delicious pizza after an exhausting day? The best pizza in Dubai is available at these restaurants, so we are accepting your love for this luscious Italian import. This muddled heavenliness is guaranteed to delight you!

Whenever people think of Italian delicacies, pizza is the first thing they think of. In addition to the convenience of eating them on-the-go, there is always an occasion to order pizzas, whether it is a girl’s night out, or a party at home. Here you will find everything you need. Ten of the best pizza restaurants in Dubai have been reviewed by us. The earliest possible opportunity should be taken to attempt it. In order to have the best pizza in Dubai, where should you order from? The following are our recommendations:

  1. Solo Bistronomia:Solo Bistronomia is one of the most popular restaurants and bars at the Raffles Dubai Hotel. Over 20 woodfired pizzas are available on the menu, which seems to be an uncommon food item. A number of signature dishes are offered by the restaurant, including Margherita Classic, Bufalina, Pepperoni, Primavera, Quatro Stagione, Prosciutto, pizza bomba, and a number of others.According to the rest, its Italian cuisine is irresistible, and it remains so to this day. Whenever you feel like making a delicious treat, you can hop in for a delightful treat. An elegant meal comprising appetizers, salads, and premium pizza can be ordered for a grand festival. There is a great deal to do at this kid-friendly resort. You will be sure to add the place to your bucket list after visiting it once.
  2. Motorino Pizzeriav:           Motorino, one of the world’s best known pizzerias, has now opened a branch in Dubai. There are some ingredients imported from Italy in these Neopolitan pizza pies, and the crust is crisp and bubbly. A very extensive menu is served alongside well-crafted cocktails and other drinks at the fully licensed restaurant.
  3. Pitfire Pizza:The Pitfire Pizza restaurant is located within the busy clusters of the JLT district and is known for its innovative and tasty pizzas. The best part is that they can afford the rates. In addition to their signature pizza ‘Pitfire Primo’ which comes with a garlic roasted base, they also offer pizzas with regional flavors. As a result, we are particularly pleased with their half-and-half pizza option, which you can order with a 15-inch pizza. Consequently, we recommend mixing the Italian-flavored “Five Star” with the creamy and “makhani” Tikka Torch.
  4.  Freedom Pizza:
    The company consists of a family of comparative foodpreneurs who are united by the belief that extraordinary food matters. As someone who has walked the kitchen floor and understands how food is made, this establishment knows exactly where the ingredients come from and how they are made. They are also aware that everyone they choose to ride with is equally dedicated to food quality and decency. There is a restaurant that uses the best ingredients from around the world, and they accept that they cannot procure everything themselves, they continue to seek out or seek the assistance of others. For people with unique dietary needs and who have a good sense of  likeability, this is the best pizza hub in the city. Although there is a wide variety of meat and dairy-filled pies on the menu, there are also gluten-free and vegetarian dishes available. It is possible to choose a cauliflower crust or even a vegan cheese or some animal-free product instead of meat. Do you fear that you will gain additional weight as a result of eating a good slice of pizza? You can indulge guilt-free with Freedom Pizza. There is no doubt that their vegan pizzas are healthy due to their wide selection of toppings and the thin crusts, cauliflower crusts, and even gluten-free options they provide. I am pleased to present to you a low-fat pizza.
  5. Luigia:The new Moon Slice restaurant, which opened in Al Wasl recently, has a little more pizzazz with its pizzas. A number of seriously innovative ‘space’ pizzas will be on offer, including the ‘Fruity di mare’ with shrimp and octopus carpaccio, fontina and barbecue aioli. Popular Dubai chef Reif Othman designed the menu, and customers can expect some seriously innovative ‘space’ pizzas on offer as well. A crispy ‘Naples’ base is used to serve these tasty snacks.
  6. Pitfire: This famous brand of pies can’t be left out of Dubai’s long list of great pizza joints. Pepperoni primo is our favorite topping, but all the usual toppings are available as well. During the hours of  11 am to 11 pm, Pitfire Pizza can be found at Lake Terrace Tower, Cluster D, Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai. The restaurant proclaims to be Dubai’s favorite pizza joint, and judging by the number of people we know who regularly order from this establishment, it certainly lives up to its claim. A laid-back atmosphere and friendly service are offered at the brand’s two locations in JLT, while the outdoor seating area at Cluster D is frequently crowded but remains informal. Pitfire offers more than just delicious, gourmet pies – its legendary pies travel well and are among the best takeaway options we have encountered. An incredibly crunchy crust is complemented by a deliciously tangy sauce that plays well with the generous toppings. There is a menu that is pleasing to all tastes, including old classics as well as more innovative choices.
  7. 800 Pizza: This is an authentic Italian-style pizza without any frills. With a brick oven, they recreate the authentic taste of pizza with crisp crusts that are well-done. It is still possible to choose from a variety of Italian-style toppings, such as ‘Black Truffle’ and ‘Misto Mare. Nonetheless, it is their classic pizzas and veggie pizzas that are most popular.
  8. Debonair’s Pizza: Embark on a culinary journey at Debonair’s! There are various tasty toppings to choose from, including Mexican Fiesta, a spicy meaty delight, and Paneer Tikka, a vegetarian delicacy. The question is, what captures our attention and causes our mouths to water? They specialize in this type of crust. Additionally, they offer a variety of crust upgrades along with the original and thin crust. Alternatively, you can get a sandwiched style ‘Filla’ crust along with a double stack or a triple stack of toppings. The crammed crust is a good alternative if you are still unsure. So, you can be sure that this will be an enjoyable pizza experience in Dubai.
  9. Rossovivo Artisan Pizza: The most popular pizza delivery option in Dubai for Italian residents features a thin, sloppy center and a puffy, slightly charred crust. We once heard an Italian friend say they would eat this pizza”even if they were in Italy”, which is about the highest recommendation we can give. A simple margherita is topped with buffalo mozzarella in the buffalina (Dh61). For those who prefer a bit more umami in their dishes, try the porcini (Dh61), which is topped with a drizzle of truffle oil, porcini mushrooms, and porcini cream (a light meal).
  10. Pizza Express: Pizza Express offers a wide range of delicious takeaway food. There is a never-ending debate regarding the best pizza. Isn’t it time you treated yourself to something special? An international pizza chain based in the United Kingdom, Pizza Express, has expanded its operations to the City of Gold. Dining at this restaurant is one of the most enjoyable experiences in Dubai In order to facilitate the convenience of its residents and visitors, it operates pizza outlets all over the country. Get ready to devour delicious pizza varieties such as the Porcini and Tuffle, as well as the Classic Margherita. We recommend the bestselling Hawaiian version, which is stuffed with delicious ingredients such as pineapple chutney and veal bacon. For a memorable family outing or a fun night with friends, hurry up and take advantage of a jaw-dropping deal at Pizza Express.


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