VR Park Dubai

Daily Tour 4 hours Availability: August 9, 2022
PlayDXB, The Dubai Mall - Financial Center Road - Dubai - United Arab Emirates Dubai

The VR Park Dubai at Dubai Mall  is an take advantage of this super pass and enjoy a day of thrilling virtual reality gameplay at the largest virtual reality park in the world, in the world of imagination based on the futuristic concept of ‘shared escapism’.  A variety of virtual reality and augmented reality games are available to entertain visitors of all ages. You are entitled to seven experiences with your ticket, ranging from dropping from Burj Khalifa to battling dragons.

All these experiences are subject to a credit limit. For additional convenience, you may upgrade your reservation to include private return transfers from Dubai. For a half-day pass, you will have unlimited rides at the VR Park for a period of up to four hours.

With over 30 virtual reality and augmented reality games to choose from, as well as individual and multiplayer options, you can enjoy a variety of games and experiences. Play seven different games, such as Burj Drop and Dubai Drone, up to your credit limit with a full-day Pay and Play Super Pass to the VR Park Dubai Ideal for families and groups with an optional Dubai private transfers upgrade Available for families and groups .

In addition to this, Plummet is the only way to experience skydiving without having to leave the ground and offers  nearly 15 additional games and experiences. The iconic attraction is designed with the goal of challenging reality by bringing perception and reality together through multi-sensory immersive rides, interactive games, and mind-bending educational experiences.

  • 9 VR GAMES
  • Unlimited Ride 4Hrs only
  • Admission to VR Park( Virtual Reality Park)
  • Full day of gameplay at VR Park
  • Use credit limit upto 275 AED Dubai drone/Speedway/Blackpack/Burjdrop/Drifters/Paradrop/Dune bash/Active zone/Sphere/Stealth
  • VR Sports/Holocube/Cozmojet/Beat saber/XD Ride
  • Anything not mentioned in inclusions


  • Additional Services

What to Expect

On your maiden visit to the Big Apple, be sure to allow a minimum of three days so you can take a breath and enjoy all the city has to offer without being in transit every moment of your trip. The following will only scratch the surface of what to expect but will arm you with information to feel confident during your time in New York City.

  • Visit the first VR Park Dubai to experience the paradimensional world of virtual reality and augmented reality
  • You will be able to enjoy 30+ rides and attractions throughout the park featuring a variety of themes including adventure, horror, and action
  • A thrilling experience of free fall awaits you on Burj Drop, the popular ride themed after the Burj Khalifa
  • Riding in Dubai Drone will put you in the future of 2050


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