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Yas Waterworld - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi

At Yas Water World,One of the best watermarks in the world, Yas Water world is located in Abu Dhabi and has about 40 rides, slides, attractions and amazing experiences available for the entire family at different thrill levels. With over 40+ world-class rides and slides, you will experience a full day of non-stop thrills and adventures. You will find legendary rides categorized according to their thrilling levels: Shaheen’s Adrenaline Rush (EXTREME), Dhabi’s Exciting Adventure (HIGH), Hamlool’s Moving & Grooving (MEDIUM), and Sultan’s Young Fun (LOW), Bandit Bomber, Liwa Loop, Rush Rider, Jebel Drop, and Al Raha River, as well as rides such as Amwaj Wave Pool, After enjoying the fun rides, you can enjoy activities such as dining and shopping in the park’s food outlets.In addition to attracting families and thrill seekers of all ages, Yas Water world is situated on Yas Island just outside Abu Dhabi. Along with its five unique rides, the park offers more than slides, experiences, and adventures. Restaurants, cafes, and shops are also available at this attraction. There are a variety of rides designed for both adults and children, including the world’s largest six-person tornado water coaster and Cine splash, which floods the entire cinema with water up to your knees and the theater offers many special effects including moving seats, waterfalls, and water explosions. It is also highly recommended that visitors attend the Cine Splash 5D theatre to experience water effects such as rain, floods, fountains, and waterfalls in real time. There are also several cafes and restaurants at Yas Water world, such as Chubby’s Kitchen, Dhabi’s Ice Cream, and Skinny Frozen Treats, where you can replenish your energy while riding the rides.

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What to Expect

On your maiden visit to the Big Apple, be sure to allow a minimum of three days so you can take a breath and enjoy all the city has to offer without being in transit every moment of your trip. The following will only scratch the surface of what to expect but will arm you with information to feel confident during your time in New York City.

  • The first mega water park in the UAE offers thrilling rides and an open park environment, so you can splash and slide your way through the fun
  • This 37-acre water park features five rides that are unique to YAS
  • Featuring over 40 different rides, slides, and attractions with four different levels of excitement, you will be sure to be blown away
  • With your family and friends, you can slide down the world’s largest six-person water slide at Dawamma
  • The Bandit Bomber rollercoaster, which includes water guns, lasers, and water effects, will provide you with the adrenaline rush you are looking for
  • The Hydromagnetic Tornado and the Jebel Drop- the park’s tallest waterslide are among the attractions to be enjoyed

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